Uvex Ultravision – 92040152

Category: Uvex, Uvex Welding Spectacles

Product Information

Comfortable, ergonomically designed full vision goggle with unrestricted side visibility provided by 180° panorama lens. Soft face and nose cushioning enables totally airtight and pressure-free fit. Exceptional wearer comfort guaranteed by unrivalled design, broad and fully adjustable headband, sophisticated ventilation system and optional non-fog lens. Easily replaceable lens. Special versions are available featuring tear-off lenses, additional comfort cushioning, flame-retarding PVC in signal red.

Remark: PC lenses do not fit into CA bodies (and vice versa)

Product Details

Art.-no.: 9301.145 Lens- PC Grey / Welding Shade 5 Infradur Plus


- Full vision goggle, easy lens replacement
- Permanent anti fog, scratch resistance applications
- Can be worn over the spectacle
- Gas Welding operation with shade 5 with UV and IR filter


Confirms to EN: 166