TAP XL-Type 90 Cabinet (49-201261-027) – 93130093

Category: Active Storage Flammable Cabinets

Product Information

Active Storage Flammable Cabinet- TAP line

Fittings and features

- Safety cabinet with wing doors for easy loading and unloading of flammable liquids.
- Outer carcass from powder coated sheet steel in light grey, electrical conductive.
- Wing doors in gentian blue, electrical conductive.
- Inner carcass light grey and all metal parts electrical conductive.

Outer Carcass Approx

1195 x 595 x 2080 (WxDxH) mm

Inner Carcass Approx

1099 x 446 x 1830 (WxDxH) mm


DIN EN 14470-1 by MPA/ TUV SUD