Flotopump – 92410003

Category: MARINE

Product Information

The Floating Pump is designed for the purpose of firefighting and rescue operations.
The Floating Pump is lightweight, self-contained, driven by an air cooled, one cylinder, two-cycle petrol engine and capable of being carried by one person.
The complete unit is designed for continuous operation at maximum rated output and is capable of running under load immediately after starting.

Fuel Tank

5 quart (4.7 Liter) capacity (1 to 1½ hr running time)

Float Assembly

High-density polyethylene shell filled with polyurethane foam (closed cell).
- The Floto-Pump™ does not require a suction hose or foot valve.
- The pump self-primes within a few seconds.
- The standard model is most frequently used for water transfer
- It can operate from a minimum water level of 6” & more


UL (Classified).