Horizontal Lifeline System – [Over Head, Over Roof, Side Wall]


Product Information

A horizontal lifeline ( HLL) is a flexible line rigged in a horizontal plane secured at each
end to an anchorage providing an effective fall protection solution for work requiring
horizontal mobility along elevated surfaces.

Horizontal Lifeline Single Span & Multi span

HLLs can also be classified as either single span or multi-span. The simplest type of HLL is a single span. Having only two anchorage points, single span HLLs are limited to a straight line.
Multi-span HLL systems are not limited in length since they are supported at intermediate anchorages. UNICARE's sophisticated type of multi-span HLL uses a specially designed intermediate bracket that retains the cable, but allows a special connector to pass over the bracket keeping the worker connected at all times.


End Brackets
Energy Absorber
High Tensile Strength Stainless Steel Cable
Corner Piece as Turn Element
Carriage / Shuttle
Swageless Termination

Use of UNICARE Horizontal Lifeline System

A shuttle slides along a cable attached permanently to a structure. Connected to the shuttle by an interconnecting part such as a lanyard provided with an energy absorber or a fall arrest system, the user can move safely along the system without needing to unhook.

Quality Control

UNICARE Emergency Equipment quality department carries out breakage tests and checks conforming to the requirements of the procedures validated as per EN 795, Type C.

Horizontal Lifeline System Applications

Bridge Maintenance
Structural Steel Erection / Construction
Roofing / Roof Top Maintenance
Overhead Cranes
Aircraft Hangars
Loading Docks