Category: Environmental Health and Safety, Showers & Combination Units

Product Information

Combination Unit of Eye/Face Wash & Safety Shower with Thermostatic Diverter Valve & Shower operates independently/ simultaneously by Push Plate and Pull Rod.

Temperature sensor diverts hot water at eye wash line to drain at a set temperature.
Knob provided to set the temp. range
Working range 30⁰C to 70⁰C
Prevents Eye/Face injury due to scalding hot water.


1 ¼” BSP

Atomizer Heads

Twin cushion-flow Cycolac Atomizer Heads in high visibility Yellow / Black with flip-flop dust covers that protect heads that automatically release with water pressure.

Shower Head

Extra large Cycolac drench shower head with perforated spreader ensures complete drenching of the victim in seconds.

Receptor Bowl

High visibility Yellow extra-large Cycolac Receptor Bowl resistant to damage from alkalies, salt solutions, oils, most acids.


1 ¼” BSP


For Eye Wash: Yellow ABS Push plate operated Stay open Brass Ball Valve with Brass Ball and Spindle.
For Shower: Yellow Galvanized Pull Rod

Net Shipping Weight

LSES 7 GI D: 21 Kg