Life Buoy Model ULB 17 – 2.5 Kg (IRS Approved) – 91060001

Life Jacket Model ULJ- 15 (IRS Approved) – 91060004

Unicare make IRS approved Life jacket.

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Flotopump – 92410003

The Floating Pump is designed for the purpose of firefighting and rescue operations. The Floating Pump is lightweight, self-contained, driven by an air cooled, one cylinder, two-cycle petrol engine and capable of being carried by one person. The complete unit is designed for continuous operation…

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Out Board Motor (OBM)

An outboard motor is a propulsion system for boats. OBM is the most common motorized method of propelling small watercraft.

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Inflatable Rescue Boat

It is used for transportation of men & material for Search & Rescue Operations. It is capable of carrying out all forms of Search, Rescue & Retrieval Service. Boats are supplied with or without OBM in various capacities as per the requirements.

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Fiberglass Ambulance Boat

FRP Ambulance Boat is used to attend & transport patients through water ways.

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