Founded in 1981 Unicare works closely with a wide array of Industry addressing their need for Emergency Eye / Face wash and Safety Showers, Eye Protection, Face Protection, Height Safety, Fall Protection, Firefighting, Search and Rescue, Environmental Health & Safety, and many more emergencies.
Unicare is the first Licensee of BIS (IS:10592) and one of the first ISO 9001:2008 certified Indian safety product manufacturers. Our products are CE certified, UL listed, BIS certified, tested to ANSI and EN specifications, and meet the requirements of Directive 89/686/EEC Article 11B.
Through persistent focus on reliability, customer satisfaction and quality assurance the company has secured a leadership position in many segments that it operates in and has forged a global footprint by reaching out to customers through 19 international locations across 6 continents. A closely knit team of about 100 highly motivated men and women is at the core of Unicare’s success. Empowered with extensive experience in global markets and operational insights we aim to tangibilize our claim ‘Caring For Your Safety’.

Thousand Customers Served

Our patrons include industry wide audiences ranging from government agencies, local safety authorities, high life risk operations and many more.


Global Markets Reached

We have a world-wide market penetration with exports to Thailand, Israel, Malaysia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA, Netherlands, Qatar, Oman, Spain and Singapore.


Years of Experience

And more to come, we are the only brand in the country with a deep rooted legacy and attested performance putting us in a strategic position in the value chain.

We investigate and assess contemporary care and safety concepts from around the world and translate them into innovative and ground breaking products. Our flagship product lines are backed up with industry standard certifications and are carefully crafted with diligent focus on meticulous quality, on-time delivery, high reliability, cost effectiveness and fanatic after sales support services.

Eye Wash

Fall Protection

Eye Protection

Search & Rescue

Extend Your Reach
Safety industry leaders all over the world collaborate with us for reaching out to new markets and opportunities. We essentially become an extension for top notch products and services delivered by our partners, through us to their customers.
Our extensive experience in global markets throughout the world and the operational insights for each demography gives our partners the upper edge against competition.
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